The Drum Recording Studio is a drum tracking music production studio where Dave records and produces high quality custom made live drum tracks and 'remote' band recordings for composers, musicians, bands and producers. 
His tracks have been used worldwide for TV opening credits, adverts, jingles, touring shows and albums.
He also works with media clients in Los Angeles to produce solo drum tracks for Hulu, Netflix and Working Title.
Here's the 'Catch 22' official trailer which features one of Dave's solo drum tracks he recorded at The Drum Recording Studio.
Here's the all-star British film 'King of Thieves' official trailer which features Dave and was recorded at The Drum Recording Studio.
Showtrailer for the 'Berlin Berlin' show in Germany which features Dave's drums he recorded at The Drum Recording Studio.
Neflix 'The Comedy Lineup' trailer also features Dave's drums he recorded at The Drum Recording Studio.
Here are a couple of tracks recorded during lockdown 2020 which were both mixed and produced by Dave.
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